(KTLA) – This week, you can add a free chicken sandwich to your Shake Shack order.

Until Nov. 19, customers can redeem a free chicken sandwich by using the code CHICKENDANCE at checkout, a Shake Shack kiosk, or when ordering online.

Customers can get the free sandwich with a $10 minimum order, a news release said.

Initially, the deal was supposed to be redeemable only if an NFL player celebrated a touchdown by doing the chicken dance.

However, when that didn’t happen during Nov. 12 football games, the chain still made the freebie available.

Shake Shack’s chicken sandwich, known as Chicken Shack, includes crispy chicken, lettuce, pickles and herb mayo on a potato bun.

The restaurant recently made recipe adjustments to a few of its menu items, including the Chicken Shack and fan-favorite crinkle-cut fries.

In September, the company announced that it would be testing a new frying oil from Zero Acres Farms, a food company focused on creating healthy and environmentally friendly cooking oil, at two locations in New York City.

The fast casual restaurant chain didn’t announce if the change would be rolled out nationwide.

Shake Shack isn’t the only big name rolling out an offer right now, Taco Bell has announced a Nacho Fries Lover’s pass that enables pass holders to score a daily order of the fries for 30 days.