(NBC) – The new fall TV season begins tonight night on NBC, and there’s a lot of anticipation for the new season of “The Voice,” largely because of the arrival of a new coach, one of the biggest, and certainly most followed, pop stars on the planet: Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande’s arrival has electrified audiences at “The Voice.”

“My ears are still ringing from when she walked out and introduced herself to the crowd,” said Blake Shelton. “It’s unbelievable.”

The pop sensation performed on the show with Christina Aguilera and Stevie Wonder in previous seasons, but joining as a coach was a leap.

“It was so nerve-wracking,” said Grande. “But it was amazing and exciting. Nerve-wracking, but, like, in the best way.”

Maybe because along with hit records, Grande’s got a quarter of a billion fans on Instagram and still more among the artists.

“They (the contestants) were very excited that she was here because the Blinds (auditions) were interesting,” said Kelly Clarkson.

“I’ve been so shocked when some of the people who’ve ended up on my team, have picked me, I’m like, oh my God, this is so cool,” said Grande. “So, it’s exciting.”

Grande has also caught on in another important way.

“She’s been very effective at teasing Blake Shelton, which comes naturally to her,” said John Legend.

In fact, the teasing may have even won over Shelton, the show’s eight-time coaching champ.

“As it turns out, I have a new bestie,” said Shelton. “Ariana’s my new bestie. “See, it really works out!”

Just as the new season of “The Voice” gets underway.

“The Voice” premieres Monday at 8 p.m., followed by the premiere of the new drama “Ordinary Joe.”