COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – NFL legend Peyton Manning is taking on a new role as the host of NBC’s latest revival of its quiz show “College Bowl,” which has been part of the network’s repertoire since the 1950s.

This latest rendition will star the former quarterback in the leading role, with his older brother Cooper Manning serving as his sidekick. The pair are also listed as executive producers along with their youngest brother Eli Manning.

“It’s kind of like we’re hanging out in the den, having a conversation, playing a little trivia game, there just happens to be some college students competing and it’s going to be on TV,” said Peyton describing the show’s atmosphere. “But I think we’re going to have fun the entire time.”

Cooper added that being part of the series appealed to his sense of family nostalgia.

“You know we played a lot of trivia growing up, a lot of road trips where Dad was driving and asking us trivia, so it’s kind of a rewind the clock back for us,” said Cooper. “And Payton and I both love, love trivia and love colleges and love people competing. So it was kind of the perfect combination for a, for a fun show and we’re excited about getting to hang out for a long time.”

The network states the program will spotlight “some of the nation’s greatest collegiate rivalries” with college students competing to win academic scholarships.

“Everybody going home with something, every team is going to receive some type of scholarship money,” Peyton explained.

The two-time Super Bowl champion also revealed the scholarship prizes are what drew him into doing the show.

“They’re playing for full-ride four-year scholarships,” he said. “If there’s a senior, he or she can get his student debt paid off and for a freshman, it’s a life-changing opportunity and experience to receive that type of financial aid and the impact that could make on that person’s family could be a lasting legacy and opportunity for that family.”

The 10-episode series will include 12 schools “of all sizes,” according to NBC, and the competition will be “a bracketed tournament” with four rounds. The two teams with the most points will make it to the final round for the chance to become “College Bowl” champions and win the full-ride scholarships.

The series will begin with qualifying rounds pitting Auburn University against the University of Alabama and the University of Michigan taking on the University of Minnesota.

Watch the premiere of “Capital One College Bowl” Tuesday, June 22 on NBC4 at 10 p.m., following an all-new two-hour episode of “America’s Got Talent” starting at 8 p.m.