(NBC) — NBC’s drama “Ordinary Joe” has its season finale Monday where series star James Wolk plays three different versions of the same man and the show follows his character’s three different life paths.

In an interview, Wolk talked about the season finale.

“You really see how different Joe has become in each life like the circumstances that shaped him,” said Wolk. “And each life really creates a different person.”

Last week’s episode set up what will turn out to be pivotal life moments tonight for the rock star version of Joe the nurse variation, as well as cop Joe.

“The writers are amazing for being able to write that much story and, and pack it all into an episode,” Wolk said. “I mean, especially these last few episodes, they’re so nonstop I mean, in a great way.”

But all that story all season was a lot for series star James Wolk.

“Just the, the sheer, like emotionality in one day that all the different characters would experience, you know?” he reflected. “Wow. Yeah, it was exhausting.”

When ask about what made him proud of the first season, Wolk gave credit to another cast member.

“What makes me most proud of this first season is that we found John Gluck,” Wolk said.

Gluck plays Joe’s son in each of his three lives. The 13-year-old has a form of muscular dystrophy and is in his first professional acting job.

“He can sing, like, no one I’ve ever heard,” Wolk said. “He’s, he’s an incredibly honest, incredible actor. And I’m just so proud.”

Wolk hopes that pride extends into a second season.

“This is not your run-of-the-mill show,” said Wolk. “This is an ambitious show. This is a show where you kind of swing for the fences.”

Making all three of Joe’s versions anything but ordinary.

“Ordinary Joe” airs Monday at 10 p.m., following new episodes of “That’s My Jam” and “Kenan.”