(NBC) – Ted Danson returns to NBC tonight in the new sitcom “Mr. Mayor.”

He plays a retired businessman who finds himself in over his head after becoming mayor of Los Angeles.

“We’re way too silly to be called a political show,” Danson says. ” We’re really about human relationships and in my case, I’m way too old, way too rich, way too white to still be in the game. It’s like, my day is over, but somehow, I manage to end up as the mayor.”

Academy Award winner Holly Hunter plays Danson’s political rival … and deputy mayor.

“Mr. Mayor” is her first live-action sitcom.

“I felt like I was going into the unknown. And I think, for an actor, that’s always really, incredibly appealing to try to do something that you’re not sure about,” Hunter says.

“Mr. Mayor” premieres tonight with back-to-back episodes beginning at 8 p.m. followed by new episodes of “Law and Order SVU” and “Dateline.”