(NBC) – Chances are, you’ve seen promos for it all summer on NBC and Tuesday night, the adventure drama “La Brea” finally premieres right after “The Voice.”

Hardly a week goes by without a major sinkhole cropping up somewhere in the world but “La Brea” imagines one as we’ve never seen.

“La Brea” is about a massive sinkhole that opens in the middle of Los Angeles and dozens of people fall in,” said Executive Producer David Appelbaum.

The cast and crew traveled to Melbourne, Australia to bring that idea to life.

“It was very startling when I got the call, you’re going to be working in Australia,” said Zyra Gorecki who plays Izzy Harris, a teen who is spared from falling down the sinkhole.

An opening scene with a mom driving her teens to school quickly takes a terrifying turn.

“All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I see cracks in the ground, they start to expand more, our family is running out of the car, just trying to survive,” said Jack Martin, who takes on the role of Izzy’s brother Josh Harris.

The challenge of pulling off the action sequence thrilled the episode’s director.

“It was every tool in the tool kit filmmaking-wise,” said Director Thor Freudenthal. “Aerial photography, green screen stages, car stunts, actors on wires, all in different places, all put together to make the whole.”

The expanding sinkhole first claims the son and eventually, the mom falling into the abyss but somehow surviving and reuniting in an unknown place.

“It’s just this beautiful, epic journey of everyone trying to find their way back home again,” said Natalie Zea who is cast as Eve Harris, the mom who disappears down the hole.

That’s as loved ones left a world away cope with their disappearance and mystery about the monstrous chasm deepens.

“La Brea” debuts Tuesday at 9 p.m., on NBC4 right after “The Voice.”