(NBC) – NBC’s looking for contestants for a brand new music competition series in the works. This show will be unique in that it focuses on original music.

Over the years, musical competitions have largely featured familiar tunes but, NBC’s “American Song Contest” will be different.

“All of the artists that are on the show are singing original music,” said Michelle McNulty of “American Song Contest.”

Michelle McNulty is the supervising casting producer for the show. “American Song Contest” is seeking online performance submissions of original songs in all music styles.

The competition is modeled after the iconic Eurovision contest that produced acts like ABBA, Celine Dion and current hitmaker Duncan Laurence.

“Solo artists, duos trios, bands, whatever it is—original music, we cannot wait to hear it,” said McNulty.

While Eurovision has acts from each country in Europe, its American counterpart is looking for performers to represent each state and U.S. territory.

“We are looking for the next big hit single, like those anthem songs, those songs that just get in your head and you can’t get them out,” said McNulty.

Just the sort of thing McNulty’s already experienced as she’s heard some early entries.

“I’ve got a whole new playlist of songs that nobody else has heard yet, and I can’t wait for them to be on ‘American Song Contest,’” said McNulty.

The live competition series will debut early next year the chance to join in awaits.

To enter the show, go to www.americansongsubmissions.com. “American Song Contest” will debut in early 2022. Details about the show are still being worked out, including the prize, the host and other ‘talents’ taking part.


  • Looking for more than just individual singers. American Song Contest is much more than just a vocal competition – they are looking for bands, duos, trios, DJs, etc. Looking for Acts that are unique and really have a strong sense of individuality and artistry that play well on a major platform. Signed and unsigned artists are welcome, but there will be strict rules around the promotion of the songs to keep the competition fair.
  • Residency requirements: Participating Acts do not need to currently reside in the state that they would be representing. They must have a strong/legitimate connection to the state – whether that means spending every summer there and being immersed in the culture OR having been born and raised in a state and ended up moving away, but still feeling a strong connection to their original home state.
  • Song Submission details:
    All Acts must submit an original song and it is up to them to find the best song possible – in the same way that the music industry operates, acts are NOT required to have written the song themselves.
    Whoever wrote an Act’s song is not required to live in the state for which their song is being used.  Most songs have multiple writers who often live apart in different states, which would make the vast majority of songs ineligible if that were the rule.  While the writers do not need to reside in the state, it’s integral that the artist/performer of the song has a strong connection to the state they represent.
    Song submissions cannot have been previously commercially released (via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, or any similar DSP). However, if the song has only been released or shared promotionally (such as via SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.), then it may be submitted, provided that if an Act is ultimately selected as a participant then they will be required to remove all versions of the song, or take down any posts containing the song, at that time.
  • Eligibility: 16 years or older, must submit an original song, can be a solo or a group up to 6 members, any genre must get all writers to sign required show releases, paperwork must indicate all states with which they have an authentic, deep connection. If selected, must submit a fully produced, mastered, radio-ready single. Must be available to be onsite with production for 4 weeks between 2/11/22-4/12/22. Must be willing to travel to LA and ATL (or TBD state) as part of the production.