(NBC) – After a showstopper of a start last week, NBC’s new adventure drama, “La Brea,” ended with a very major twist about where the sinkhole survivors are.

“There are a lot of shows that drag things out,” said series star Jack Martin. “You’re not going to have that problem with this show. I mean, it is bang, bang, bang!”

Martin and Natalie Zea play Josh and Eve Harris, a son and mother stranded with others in a very dangerous prehistoric world.

“This thing is a rollercoaster,” said Martin. “It is an adrenalin rush.”

Filming that rush thousands of miles away in Australia gave the actors a disconnect similar to their characters.

“With family and friends back home, there’s always this weird lag time, so I think it sort of adds to the feeling of displacement,” said Zea.

A feeling compounded because their characters were hardly ever indoors.

“I would say 90% of our work has been exteriors, in the elements and so you can’t help but be affected by that,” said Zea.

For Martin, that meant being awestruck by the scenery of the Australian countryside.

“Ask anybody on this set, I will look out and I will say ‘Guys come here. Can you believe this view? This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,’” said Martin. “Because it is!”

Down under terrain that creates an upside-down world for “La Brea.”

“La Brea” airs tonight at 9 p.m. right after “The Voice” at 8 p.m. and before “New Amsterdam” at 10 p.m.