COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — NBC is upping its stake in unscripted entertainment with a new adventure reality show called “Million Dollar Island.”

In a release, NBC revealed “Million Dollar Island” will begin with 100 contestants on a remote desert island. During the participants’ stay, which could last up to 50 days, they must compete to win a share of the $1 million dollar prize.

The network also explains that entrants “must forge friendships and build alliances as they plot to stay” on the island.

In a twist, each player begins the game with a bracelet worth $10,000. The bracelets can be won or lost during challenges. And when a player leaves the island “they must choose who will receive their portion of the money,” according to the network.

“In this intense competition, the strength of your personal bonds are just as important as being the ultimate player,” notes NBC.

NBC’s executive vice president of alternative programming and development, Jenny Groom, called the upcoming series a “fresh and bold social experiment.”

“This series is sure to entertain with ever-evolving alliances, trust, deceit and the ultimate will to survive,” Groom said.

Studio Lambert’s Stephen Lambert, Tim Harcourt and Jack Burgess and Talpa’s John de Mol will serve as executive producers. Studio Lambert is an All3Media-backed company.