(NBC) — NBC’s “American Song Contest” is coming into the home stretch, the finale is a week from Monday and artists will be vying for a spot there in the second week of the Semifinals.

Washington’s Allen Stone earned the “jury pick” last week for the first spot in the Grand Finale of “American Song Contest.”

The remaining 10 acts from last week find out Monday whom America has chosen for the next four spots.

“I’m glad that’s out of my hands, said host Kelly Clarkson. “I’m like, ‘Yay! A cheerleader.’”

“We keep saying, we feel like we left our hearts out on the stage and that’s all we wanted to do,” said Dani Brillhart of Alabama’s Ni/Co.

“There’s nothing I can look back on and be like, ‘Yo, I wish I’d done this different or that different,’” said Jonah Prill, who represents Montana.

“I hope to be back here and elevate another time, so that’s my plan,” said Jared Lee of Massachusetts.

The night will also see 11 more acts return to the stage including Tyler Braden newly adorned with a wedding ring.

“We already had the date planned, so we knew if we made Semis, it was going to be really close, really tight scheduling,” said Braden who represents Tennessee. “But it has worked out for the best, I think.”

The same is true for American Samoa’s Tenelle overwhelmed to find out last week she was sticking around.

“We did it, I’m so happy right now, I don’t even know what to say,” said Tenelle.

Also savoring another chance is Kansan Broderick Jones.

“A month ago, I was just a kid in my basement and now, I’m looking up to these artists and stuff, and I’m right here,” said Jones. “It’s all surreal.”

The challenge now for all the artists is upping their game with their original songs.

“We’re going to have more lights, more dancers, more dancing from me,” said Grant Knoche of Texas.

“We’re not necessarily reinventing the wheel, we’re adding to it,” said North Carolina’s John Morgan.

And hoping it turns into a grand finale shot.

“American Song Contest” airs Monday at 8 p.m. followed by the season finale of “The Endgame” at 10 p.m.

Monday, 5/2 8-10pm: The Semi-Finals Round 2

TENNESSEE – Tyler Braden
CONNECTICUT – Michael Bolton
TEXAS – Grant Knoche
PUERTO RICO – Christian Pagan
KANSAS – Broderick Jones
NORTH DAKOTA – Chloe Fredericks
GEORGIA – Stela Cole
CALIFORNIA – Sweet Taboo
Comeback Artist: NEW YORK – ENISA


Fans at home can vote for their favorite performances on nbc.com/ascvote, the NBC App and on TikTok.  Voting for the Qualifiers will open Mondays during the show and will close Wednesday morning at 7 am ET.

  • The competition will be comprised of three rounds, taking place over eight weeks. The Qualifying Rounds will have 11 acts in each episode (with one week featuring 12). Twenty-two artists will perform in the two-part Semi-Finals with the Top 10 performing in the Grand Final, where a winner will be crowned.
  •  In the five-week Qualifiers (March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18) at the end of each night, the jury will advance one artist immediately to the Semi-Finals. The remaining three spots will be determined through a combination of jury and fan votes. The artists advancing to the Semi-Finals will be announced the following week.
  • In the Semi-Finals (April 25 & May 2), 10 artists will perform each week, with a slightly elevated performance of their original song.
  • To make the stakes even higher, in each Semi-Final a “redemption” song will be revealed, adding an 11th artist back into the competition to perform that week for the chance to advance to the Grand Final.
  • At the end of each Semi-Final, the jury awards their highest-rated artist with an immediate spot in the Grand Final. America’s votes will then help to decide along with the jury which four additional artists will advance.
  • In the Grand Final (May 9), the top 10 artists take the stage one last time to win America’s and the jury’s vote for best hit song.