(NBC) — NBC introduces a new comedy block to lead off Friday nights, Season 3 of “Young Rock,” with Dwayne Johnson, will be part of it, but starting the night will be the new family comedy “Lopez vs. Lopez” which, for its stars, has some parallels with real life.

“It’s very authentic and real,” said Mayan Lopez, series star and real-life daughter of comedian and actor George Lopez. “It’s based on the hardships of our own relationship.”

That allows Mayan and her father George to play a heightened version of their past daddy-daughter dysfunction.

“This child, this woman, is really, really funny, her mother’s funny,” said George. “A lot of actors get cast, but conceived?  That’s quite an accomplishment.”

LOPEZ VS. LOPEZ — Pictured: “Lopez vs. Lopez” Key Art — (Photo by: NBC)

Financial hardship forces George’s character to move in with his daughter’s family and that sets things off.

“She repaired herself from her parents’ divorce, and he’s still stuck in his ways, so, it’s like the love we have for each other, brought us back after a period of time when we didn’t speak to each other,” said Mayan.

A similar scenario played out in real life between the pair, following his earlier sitcom success, but now Mayan is central to his new comedic habitat.

“I get to, y’know, admire him more as a father, but as an artist as well,” said Mayan.

“I couldn’t get her to take her dishes to the sink and then, we’ve got a show, that’s quite a coming up,” said George.

Turning family ties into family laughs.

“Lopez vs. Lopez” premieres Friday at 8 p.m., followed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in “Young Rock.”