(NBC) — NBC’s medical drama, “New Amsterdam” returns Tuesday for a new batch of episodes leading up to the season finale next month.

One of the show’s new characters this season has been Dr. Wilder — a deaf surgeon —played by deaf actress Sandra Mae Frank. She recently talked about joining the show.

Despite some hesitation, Dr. Elizabeth Wilder not only joined New Amsterdam at the start of the season — the deaf surgeon has had a major impact.

“It definitely fits her character,” said Frank. “And not just that, but as a deaf person growing up, she would be used to leading the resistance.”

Deaf actress Sandra Mae Frank plays the surgeon who rallied staff, in Dr. Max Goodwin’s absence, against major cost-cutting by the new hospital administrator.

Frank revealed what excited her about the character.

“Her frankness, her ability to be bold,” she noted. “And how she carries herself around people with confidence.”

Enough confidence in Tuesday’s episode to sign on-stage during Goodwin’s efforts at karaoke.

“It’s really fun working with her,” said Ryan Eggold who plays Goodwin. “She’s tremendously charismatic and very kind and very present with you on-screen and just great to work with.”

Frank’s very aware of the inspiration both she and her character provide to the deaf and hard of hearing community where getting opportunity often means changing minds.

“The real-world situations in schools, hospitals outside in any environment to really apply that for themselves as well not to just say, ‘Oh, this is a cool thing that I saw on TV,’ but to actually hire people in real life,” said Frank.

A chance Frank has received and is making the most of her experience.

“As long as you put in the work, you can go far,” she said.

You might recall that Frank performed the national anthem in sign language at the Super Bowl just a few months ago.

“New Amsterdam” airs at 10 p.m. Tuesday, right after a new episode of “This Is Us.”