Bestselling authors Leigh Bardugo, Jerry Craft and Rainbow Rowell are contributing forewords to new editions of three famed Marvel Comics series.

Penguin Classics is teaming with Marvel on Penguin Classics Marvel Collection, which already includes “Black Panther,” “Captain America” and “The Amazing Spider-Man.”

Three new books will be out Sept. 12: “The Avengers,” with a foreword by Bardugo; “Fantastic Four,” with a foreword by Craft; and “X-Men,” with a foreword by Rowell.

“These volumes provide unique, single-volume introductions to the first decade of The Avengers, the original X-Men, and the Fantastic Four,” series editor Ben Saunders said in a statement Thursday.

“Like our prior releases in this series, each title also features up-to-date scholarship exploring the creative contexts and cultural significance of these vital works of popular culture.”