(NBC) — Another Golden Buzzer Tuesday night on “America’s Got Talent,” and this one was different because it had all the judges in on it as well as host Terry Crews.

The trio Chapel Hart talked about their big moment after the episode, which was taped back in the spring. Three months was a long time to keep their Golden Buzzer a secret.

The country singers blew the roof off the place with their original tune, “You Can Have Him Jolene.” A sequel of sorts to the classic Dolly Parton tune.

“You couldn’t really make out all of the faces with the lights in your face, you can hear the people clapping along,” said Trea Swindle.

Even though the season’s individual Golden Buzzers had been given out, the “AGT” judges and host Terry Crews spontaneously decided on a collective one.

“So, I’m trying to like hold back the tears,” said Danica Hart. “As you see, like, the gold confetti going down. It’s like, “this is not serious,” and the tears just flew.”

After several years of looking for their breakthrough moment, sisters Devynn and Danica and their cousin Trea finally have one.

“For every single judge to agree and say that this is magic enough to give a Golden Buzzer was a moment of validation,” said Danica.

One that carries them straight into next month’s Live Shows with the challenge of topping themselves.

“After this moment, we just know it has to be big, y’know?” said Danica.

Maybe big enough for a million-dollar prize.

There is one more week of “AGT” auditions. Then, the judges will pare down the acts for the live shows that begin in three weeks.