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Summer Beauty, Health and Wellness for everyone, even your pet.

Lifestyle Expert Megan Thomas Head is here to share a few products that are great for all your Beauty, Health and Wellness needs.

CELSIUS – Essential Energy

CELSIUS is a better for you, premium alternative to traditional energy drinks. It has zero sugar and is made with premium ingredients like Ginger, Green Tea and Guarana – none of the bad stuff, just the essential energy you need. CELSIUS was created to help people LIVE FIT, exceed their goals and elevate their everyday lives. www.celsius.com

Hilo Life

With Hilo Life, it’s easy to nosh without regrets. We make keto friendly foods that have the bold flavors and crunch you desire. We’ve done all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your snacks and keep doing Keto Your Way! www.hilolife.com


Atkins Endulge Nutty Fudge Brownie Bars will keep you on track and serve as a satisfying dessert option with 1g of sugar. Visit www.atkins.com for more information.

KISS Nails and Lashes at Dollar General

Get salon quality nails and lashes at home at a fraction of the cost. With a large assortment of designs and styles to choose from at Dollar General, you will be able to create your own unique look.

Treat your dog @ doggydelirious.com

Doggy Delirious treats are 100% human-grade, made with natural ingredients in the USA. These organic treats are non-GMO, preservative-free, with no animal byproducts. The Peanut Butter Banana-licious flavor is available now as a Costco exclusive. www.doggydelirious.com