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Over 1 in 10 Americans, 34.5 million of us, suffer from diabetes, according to the CDC. That doesn’t even take into account the over 88 million adults who have pre-diabetes, an astounding 34.5% of the US population.

As the $400B/year epidemic rages on, 30 Americans per hour die from diabetes (a figure that’s increasing amid COVID-19) and there are 350 amputations per day due to the disease.

Now, with the resurgence of COVID-19 infections & hospitalization, it has become even more imperative to improve diabetes care. That’s because those who have this underlying condition, and particularly those who are overweight or have poorly controlled blood sugar, are much more likely to suffer from severe complications and even death from the virus.

But, there are stories of hope for people with diabetes, stories of how regular people like Whitney Morgan beat the statistics and broke the cycle of the diabetes epidemic. Whitney discusses how she worked with her health coach to reverse her diabetes without having to resort to surgeries or a lifetime of medications, and how this treatment can even stop a patient’s dependence on insulin.

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