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The statistics are staggering: 34.2 million Americans have diabetes with another 88 million considered to be prediabetic. With consumer trust in big pharma hitting the lowest level in history, many are searching for ways other than more pills or needles to control this life limiting condition.

Marc Washington – a Princeton and Harvard-educated business leader – knows the devastating effects of this disease. After watching his sister, Monica, deal with diabetes and high blood pressure and tragically losing her at a young age, he dedicated his career to studying the link between nutrition and chronic conditions- the goal to create a way that might help others who struggle with chronic medical conditions like Monica did.

What he found was an undeniable connection between these conditions and gut health. His first product, Muniq, launched last year with a line of patent-pending shakes formulated with a high concentration of resistant starch, which has been proven effective in over 200 clinical studies to help naturally balance blood sugar. 4 out of 5 users reported significant lowering of blood sugar levels with 25% of users noting positive life-changing benefits of the added resistance starch and prebiotic fiber to their diets.