COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — If you’ve gone for a drive or even a nice walk, you’ve probably noticed the leaves are changing making for some gorgeous views.

The Metro Parks in Columbus and Franklin County offer stunning views if you want to get in your car or go for a hike along the trails.

“Fall is our busy season because it’s gorgeous out here,” Visitor Engagement Manager at Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks, Jill Synder said.

Driving tours opened to park visitors this month. Blendon Woods Metro Parks has the longest route of all of the parks.

“Blendon Woods is gorgeous. The drive into the park always sets the mood for me. It’s got rolling hills and just a view of the park,” she said.

According to Snyder, the best thing for fall color is bright sunny days and cool nights, not quite freezing. The conditions really help trap the sugars inside the leaves which adds to the vibrant red, orange and yellow colors.

If you’re on the hunt for the best views, she suggests these options.

“I really like Slate Run Metro Park. It’s on the southeast side of town. It’s got farmland and some field mixed in if you want to take a walk. Glacier Ridge has just a short half-mile trail that’s all through a sugar maple trail, so it’s got some gorgeous colors,” she said.

The Metro Park hosts fun activities to enjoy. It’s perfect for you, your family and your pet.

“We have loads of programs in all of our parks. We have something for preschoolers so they can learn about why the leaves change color,” Snyder said. “We have a date night scheduled at Highbanks so people can come out in the evening, go for a walk and learn about the colors and have a nice adult night as well. So, all ages and all sorts of programs out there.”

To learn more about activities hosted by Metro Parks you can visit their website.