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During a year spent mostly at home, people still spent more than 1 billion hours – more than 237 MILLION visits – in America’s National Parks. Even as the pandemic drags on, Americans are renewing their love for the great outdoors, spending time outside in record numbers.

Now, one company is lending a hand to those organizations that help make all that time outside safe, clean, and fun. Recognizing that barriers like decreased funding and limited volunteer participation have made the last 18 months challenging for nonprofit organizations, MTN DEW’s Outdoor Grants program is awarding $200,000 (40 $5,000 grants) to community organizations across the U.S. to help outdoor enthusiasts pursue their passions and protect and preserve the outdoor spaces they love.

Nick Hoffman, Country music star, outdoor enthusiast and star of Outdoor Channel’s “Nick’s Wild Ride,” shares details about how outdoor lovers can apply for the grants.

WEBSITE: MTN DEW Outdoor Grants