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The beauty industry has often promoted outdated and unachievable standards of beauty that directly impact how we see ourselves. What we tell ourselves matters and we tend to be our own worst critics by focusing on our flaws – this can take its toll.

One year ago, TULA launched its #EmbraceYourSkin initiative which promotes confidence and skin positivity and works to challenge outdated industry standards of beauty. In addition to conducting an internal audit, scrubbing through the language of 6,000+ posts and 50 products, committing to only using unretouched photos and including “unretouched beauty badges” on all model and brand imagery, the brand only uses inclusive, positive language across its brand channels and social media with phrases such as “you are enough” and “beautiful before and beautiful after.”

These efforts have led to an #EmbraceYourSkin movement supported by influencers and customers alike amplifying the sentiments behind the initiative and bringing significant positive change.