COLUMBUS, Ohio – A bakery in Columbus has scored big as in a three-year deal with the Cleveland Browns and the match is perfect in name and in flavor.

Brownie Points Inc. has ramped up production for this partnership which began last May when team leaders were wowed at the taste of the sweet treats.

“They were gifted a box. We had revolving store in Tenspace and the owner took a box to them and they tasted them. That evening, I had an email from one of the executives. The next morning, we had a call and it just moved forward and we had a deal,” Founder and President of Brownie Points Inc., Lisa King said.

King and her sister-in-law Lisa Berliner own the business together. Both have fond memories of being a Browns fan growing up.

“I’m born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I went to Browns games when I was a little girl even before I understood what football was. My father took me to almost every Browns game. To see this now I can’t put it into words,” Co-Owner of Brownie Points Inc., Lisa Berliner said. “We were there earlier this week and just to be on the field and looking around and just seeing from when I was a little girl, I wish my father were here today.”

Fans at the game can choose from the chocolate covered Browns jerseys or the chocolate covered dog bones.

If you purchase a Browns gift box, you can get an assortment of the most popular flavors the business has to offer.

“One of our famous flavors, that’s an original, we have the Cleveland Browns crunch and it’s a chocolate fudge brownie with caramel and butterfinger and the butterfinger is orange, so it made sense that that would become the orange and brown brownie,” Berliner said. “We also do chocolate covered dog bones and it says ‘dawgs’ on it.”

The Brownies had already made its debut before the start of the season.

“They were at the camps. They were at all of the practice and the pre-game. Every event that they’ve had our brownies have been a part,” King said.

Once it started selling at the games, that’s when King and Berliner knew that this partnership would be a game changer.

“It was a dream and I hope anybody that’s listening knows that you have to start somewhere but look at where you can end up, but you just have to push through it and make it happen if you really want to,” she said.

The brownie shop is also preparing to stock seven different flavors of Brownie Bites on shelves at grocery stores within the next couple of weeks.

“It’s a brand-new product. It’s a fresh-baked brownie and it’s layered in chocolate. There’s a crunch on the outside and a soft fudgy brownie on the inside so it’s like you get the best of both worlds. It’s the first shelf-stable product that we’ve had,” King said.

To purchase a holiday gift, Browns gift box or find out when you can purchase the Brownie Bites, visit the Brownie Points Inc. website.