COLUMBUS (WCMH ) — Joy, hope and inspiration. Probably not words you would usually associate with prison.  But that is what you feel when you walk into the building that houses the Tapestry program at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.  

The program enables members to develop the skills needed maintain sobriety and live the life they deserve once released.

Each week, Harmony Project choir members volunteer their time to support these women. 

“Every week, Director David Brown and his staff and volunteers from Harmony Project come in here and they help change lives. That’s what they do,” said ORW Warden Roni Burkes-Trowsdell.

This past weekend, visitors were invited into the prison to experience the women’s stories through a performance by the Inside/Out Choir made up of the Tapestry women. It was an opportunity for people on the outside to see the change that is happening on the inside. 

“I have seen people grow from a program like this. I have seen people begin to realize that they are a human being and that they deserve be to be treated with dignity and respect. And it’s okay for people to come in here and treat them with kindness,” said Burkes-Trowsdell.

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