COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Harmony Project is more than a choir, it is a group of individuals making change in our community.

When Lisa Kelley joined Harmony Project, she was not only excited to sing with the choir but she was excited to serve with the choir.  

The program that caught her interest was working with inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women.

Having spent time as a student teacher at a juvenile detention facility, she was excited to see what she could do now to help the women rehabilitate through the Tapestry Program.

“Any of us could be on that same situation. if we had made a mistake just like they did”, said Kelley.

Kelley and the other members of Harmony Project sing with the women, they do service projects, even Skype with orphans in Africa. All of these things contributing to the women’s rehabilitation and growth.

“They’re becoming more sure of themselves. Gaining self-esteem. And they’re really trying to support each other so that when they do get out, they can go back to being positive members of the community,” said Kelley.

And according to Kelley, the volunteers get just as much out of their services as the women do.

“It has truly been a blessing in my life,” said Kelley.
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