Harmony Project is more than just the 500 member Spirit of Columbus choir.

There are smaller choirs all living the mission to sing, serve and share. 

That includes Commons in Harmony, a group that started eight years ago with just five people at Commons at Buckingham.

Now, 50 voices strong, with multiple agencies participating, members who are differently abled, in supportive housing or who have overcome homelessness, come together to let their voices be heard.  

We caught up with the group on a very special day, the annual Thanksgiving feast.  

“This is what it’s really all about because this is where those walls come down,” said David Brown Harmony Project Founder.

Peggy Meckling-Baker started as a volunteer with the choir and now serves as the director of Commons in Harmony.

“We are connecting with one another and building community,” she says. 

The members love the opportunity  to make lasting relationships and give back. 

“It feels great to be outgoing and get in the community,” said Bryan Heath, a member of Commons in Harmony.

Harmony Project Founder David Brown said the choir shows the true meaning of the Thanksgiving season.

“While the country says we’re divided. While the nation says were divided. We keep saying we’re actually not. Our shared humanity is what we lead with so that’s what we’re leading with today. We are all human beings, all want to belong and today is all about belonging,” Brown said. 

To learn more, visit the Harmony Project website.