The Harmony Project mission of connecting people through artistic performance, community service and education can be seen daily.

Each choir member commits to give their time to serve others. And each year they take that mission even further with “One Week, One Neighborhood.”

The week of service gives choir members a chance to make an impact on their community by painting murals, planting gardens and a host of other projects. Each day is filled with another opportunity.

This year, a special project called “Look at Us, We are Beautiful” has been taking place at Champion Middle School.

“Working with the kids to build bonds with one another, to understand about giving back to the community through art through music and thinking about their own school community,” said Susan Steinman with the Harmony Project.

This week, kids at Champion will paint their own mural, do service project and perform a song that they learn and practice each day. Each activity is aimed at building positive identity through artistic self-expression. 

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