COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – NBC4’s half-hour special, “The Autism Puzzle” aired Monday, April 5, 2021, to raise awareness and provide information about the complex disorder of autism.

Hosted by NBC4’s Jerod Smalley, the presentation focused on a broad range of topics surrounding autism, including research, treatments and the needs of those on the autism spectrum.

The special featured the challenges the pandemic created for families, individuals, educators and organizations.

Viewers learned how a unique facility in central Ohio that teaches kids of all abilities about real-world skills, found a creative solution to adapt its mission in 2020.

The program also included details about a genetic study based in Columbus aiming to present the world with a new understanding of autism.

Plus, a 13-year-old explained what led her to create a new app to support people with autism and how it helps with social skills.

And, a man with a fascinating life story. How he learned he has autism at 56 years old and how that diagnosis has shaped his life and goals.

Watch NBC4’s ‘The Autism Puzzle’ 2021 special in the player above.