COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Crews with Red, White and BOOM! spent Tuesday afternoon working to construct one of the biggest parts of the celebration’s firework display.

The Independence Day tradition is back after three years and celebrating a major milestone – its 40th anniversary.

Earl Burke, who has been part of the event for 38 years, said this show will be special and one not to be missed.

“We’ve taken every part of the show from the 40 years and put something different in all of the years we’ve put together,” he said.

Burke said Tuesday’s work focused solely on the fireworks racks and getting those set up. The racks are key: that is where the fireworks will be launched.

“Then tomorrow we’ll start loading all the racks with fireworks shells and that will go over three days for the presentation, but the racks are very critical because we have to look at this on a safety side,” Burke said.

Many of the fireworks shells are made specifically for Red, White, and BOOM!.

“We have a lot of shells that were brought from Taiwan and Spain and things of that nature, but this shell could hold four, five other explosions in there,” Burke said holding a sample on the shells.

And to get the best view of the dazzling display? Well, that will be different this year. Columbus has seen changes since the last show three years ago.

“All the surface lots behind COSI were open; those are all construction sites now, so we really advise everyone to come down early — come down to the east side, especially Civic Center Drive and Long Street,” said Red, White and BOOM! co-Executive Director Shawn Verhoff.

Burke said there will be plenty of surprises.

“I can give you a little hint – when you’re listening and watch the Star-Spangled Banner on the opening, you’ll see some different things happening down here, but you’ll actually hear some of our soundtrack that just builds the momentum of the whole show,” he said.

The actual fireworks for the show are scheduled to arrive Wednesday.