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Ford Oval of Honor 2018: Marshall Jackson

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Marshall Jackson enlisted in the Ohio National Guard and has been serving for over 23 years.

During his time in the National Guard, Jackson’s missions included Olympic security in Atlanta and hurricane relief in New Orleans. Following 9/11, he was deployed to Iraq.

“That was a little scary. Didn’t know what to expect. I was part of a unit called 196 Mobile Public Affairs Detachment. Our job was to not only help tell the soldiers story so people back home know what we were doing and telling those unique stories, the combat stories.” Jackson said.

One of Jackson’s jobs was to help embed dozens of reporters in the combat zone. “One morning we’re sitting there in our little patrol base, and CNN and Fox are there, the commanders kind of briefing what we’re gonna go.”

Jackson also helped train the Iraqi media after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

“It took a while for them to fully understand that because never having that freedom of the press ever, this was brand new territory.”

So far, Jackson has been serving for 23 years, and he has yet to retire from the Ohio National Guard.

“I never really thought this would go this far. But I’ve always enjoyed what I’ve done.”


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