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Ford Oval of Honor 2018: Jason Beardsley

COLUMBUS (WCMH) -- Ever since Jason Beardsley was a child, he wanted to be in the military. After a medical condition kept him from his goal of being a Seal, Beardsley served in the U.S Navy on board a ship doing radio communications during the Gulf War.

“I wanted to be in the Seals, I wanted to be the commando, it didn’t happen, so by the time my enlistment time rolled around, I frankly wasn’t going to have any more of it. So I was done with the military.” Beardsley said.

In 1994, Beardsley left his ship and swore off military service. That was until he learned about the Green Berets, the special forces in the United States Army.

“Once I started down that path, it was the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Beardsley’s new path took him to missions in Africa, Europe and eventually Iraq.

“That’s a lot of behind-the-enemy-lines-type work, it’s a lot of work in small teams, one and two man teams, sometimes less than that, and some very dangerous locations, but you do it with a lot of training, a lot of resources and the backing of the government," he said. 

“What an honor to be able to do that and receive the tutelage, the leadership, the training, the mentoring, that I received along the way from a thousand other service members.”


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