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Dublin teacher retiring from Air Force after 38 years paved way for female officers

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Lt. Col. Bonnie Gamary has been an active member of the Ohio Air National Guard since she graduated high school.

During her time serving her country, Gamary has paved the way for women in her field on two different occasions.

“My goal was not to be the first female, my goal was to be a commander, that was my goal. The fact that it was a female at the squadron was like icing on the cake.” Gamary said. 

Gamary made history by becoming the first female commander of a majority male squadron in Springfield.

But that wasn’t the only time Gamary made history during her 38-year long military career. After 9/11, she became the first female crisis cell chief for a national mission. 

Throughout her career, Gamary has severed in combat zones from the Middle East to on-duty in Europe as one of the highest ranking woman in the Ohio Air National Guard.

Now Gamary plans on retiring from military service in August, but will continue to serve her community as a high school teacher. 

“It’s very important to me that not only do I do service, but sharing that service so that it’s kind of a pay it forward idea.” she said. 

Gamary will continue her career as a Family Consumer Science teacher at Dublin Scioto High School after she officially retires from the Ohio Air National Guard. 

“Teaching is serving as well.” Gamary said. 

Empowering her students and women will be a part of Gamary’s legacy, and she says the sky's the limit. 

“Has the glass ceiling been shattered? Absolutely.” 


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