COLUMBUS (WCMH) – COVID-19 numbers are heading in the right direction and hospitals are not as busy with COVID patients as they were during the peak of the delta variant surge.

However, central Ohio doctors want people to know they are still dealing with extremely sick COVID-19 patients.

Doctors are still seeing young patients in their 30s or 40s dealing with severe cases of coronavirus and they say it doesn’t have to be this way.

Ohio’s positivity rate is on the way down. While it is still almost 9 percent, it’s lower than the 14 percent it reached in mid-September.

Hospitalizations are on the decline as well, down about 800 statewide from what they were two weeks ago.

Dr. Christina Liscynesky with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center said they are still seeing patients with severe cases of COVID-19.

“The people who are very ill, critically ill, are unvaccinated, and so, unfortunately, there’s been deaths in these patients and these deaths are preventable,” she said.

The delta surge increase hospitalizations among middle-aged adults, with Liscynesky saying they are still seeing severe cases in people in their 30s and 40s.

“We’re concerned about what we’re seeing in the hospital and we’re trying to get the message out that this is a concerning problem and it’s preventable and it’s not something we would ever want to happen to our family,” she said.

Liscynesky acknowledges most people who are catching COVID-19 do not end up in the hospital. However, she said when they care for middle-aged patients, some of whom are on ventilators, they can’t help but think about the young children those patients may have at home.

“I think that’s probably been the hardest thing for us as healthcare providers is that not only are patients very sick, but it affects their immediate families,” she said.

Liscynesky said oftentimes, patients are asking for the vaccine after they are admitted to the hospital or when they are released.