COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Central Ohio health experts are shedding light on a COVID-19 phenomenon that they said is impacting a growing number of patients.

Called Paxlovid rebound, doctors said it happens when a symptomatic COVID-19 patient completes the anti-viral treatment and then tests positive for COVID-19 several days after testing negative.

OhioHealth Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Joseph Gastaldo said Paxlovid’s trial data showed about 1 to 2 percent of patients experienced a rebound infection, but the actual number is likely higher.

Current guidance calls for the pill to be taken twice a day for five days, and though Gastaldo suggests a longer treatment could reduce the number of rebound cases, a change in treatment guidance wouldn’t come without some risk.

“The Achilles heel for Paxlovid is it has many drug interactions, often times with commonly used medications and even over-the-counter medications,” he said. “For example, cholesterol-type medications. Many of those don’t interact well with Paxlovid, and the medications either have to be held or changed when someone’s on Paxlovid.”

Gastaldo said people experiencing Paxlovid rebound should not seek additional treatment or be retested, instead urging them to follow CDC guidance and quarantine again for five days.