COLUMBUS (WCMH) — COTA drivers are disinfecting their buses in order to help keep coronavirus away. 

Officials with COTA  said they’re not taking any chances. They’re wiping down everything in order to make sure their riders do not get sick. 

The process starts in the morning before anyone gets on the bus. 

COTA spokesman Jeff Pullin said staff is responsible for wiping down every touchable surface on the bus. The softer textures, like hand straps, are sprayed with disinfectant spray.​ ​

“We always clean our buses every night anyway,” Pullin said.” We are taking extra care because we know that there are concerns about coronavirus. And while there is not coronavirus currently here in Columbus we want people to know that we are taking proactive steps and that they can take proactive steps when they get on our bus.”​

Pullin said the company is responsible for transferring more than 60,000 passengers daily.

During the day, drivers are also given additional wipes to wipe down areas around them.​​

“Throughout the day, we want to make sure that we are keeping them clean as well,” Pullin said. “We provide additional wipes and Lysol to our operators so they’re able to spot clean as well.”​

Pullin said both the company and riders need to do their part to keep everyone safe.​​

“Washing their hands, making sure they cover their coughs and sneezes and using the hand sanitizer that we provide on at all our transit vehicles,” said Pullin.