COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Despite COVID-19 vaccines being available to children under the age of five, the number of children getting them in Ohio remains low.

“I was very excited and relieved that she could finally get some coverage,” said Hannah Jacobs, a mother from Columbus.

While enjoying a day out at the park, Jacobs said she’s more at ease letting her daughter Adeera be around others, saying the reason why is because her daughter just received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Summertime, it’s easier to stay outdoors, but especially when you want to do some indoor activities, I think it gives you a little more ease,” Jacobs said.

Two weeks ago, the vaccine was federally approved for children below the age of five. However, the latest data from the Ohio Department of Health shows that vaccination numbers among children in that age group remain extremely low throughout the state.

According to ODH, just more than 7,200 children under 5 have received the vaccine, which includes around 1,800 kids in Franklin County – less than 2 percent of all children in Ohio eligible for the shot.

“I think, probably, closer to the fall, just so that we can couple it in with the flu shot,” said Kattie Baker, a parent from Grove City, saying she fully plans to have her daughter Daisy vaccinated before starting preschool.

Meanwhile, other central Ohio parents like Kurt and Maggie Dieringer said they’re not as concerned due to current COVID-19 numbers.

“We’ve considered it,” said Kurt Dieringer. “We don’t feel in a rush, especially since the numbers have been down, generally.”

The Dieringers said they are in favor of the vaccine, adding its arrival comes at a perfect time: Before their daughter enters preschool.

“The timing was good because growing up during COVID, and being isolated, we lost some of that social skill early on,” Kurt Dieringer said.

Columbus Public Health is also urging the public to get their children vaccinated. So far, they’ve given around 50 vaccines to kids under the age of five.