COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine gave an update Monday with the latest on COVID-19 and shared his thoughts on the decisions schools are facing about vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children in light of the lifted mask mandate starting June 2.

DeWine says it’s up to each school district as to whether they continue masking and physical distancing in school settings.

“Our schools have been phenomenally successful in keeping down spread in the classroom,” he said. “They have done this by wearing masks.”

He says it’s important to keep in mind that as of today, a child 11 years of age and younger cannot be vaccinated.

“I would hope that schools, superintendents and school boards, will take that into consideration,” he said.

Ohio Department of Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff said during the press conference that vaccinated children with no COVID-like symptoms do not need to quarantine.

“They (vaccinated children) do not need to be restricted from work, school or play,” Vanderhoff said. “They don’t need to be tested following an exposure to somebody. However, unvaccinated people lack this protection. So the CDC continues to endorse quarantine for people who don’t have symptoms but may have had an exposure.”