UPDATE 5/19/2020: Governor DeWine Tuesday announced a new order for Ohio, called ‘Urgent Health Advisory: Ohioans protecting Ohioans.’

UPDATE 5/7/2020: Gov. DeWine announced the plan to reopen Ohio’s restaurants and salons; salons, barbershops and spas may reopen on May 15; restaurants can reopen for outside dining on May 15 and inside dining on May 21.

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Friday, Governor Mike DeWine discussed Ohio’s new ‘Stay Safe Ohio’ order, and clarified it will no longer be called a “stay-at-home” order but a “Stay Healthy and Safe at Home” order that allows for the slow reopening of the state.

Late Thursday, the Ohio Department of Health released information on the new order by ODH Director Dr. Amy Acton, entitled “Stay Safe Ohio,” which extends some stay-at-home protocol until May 29.  

“The name is important — Stay Safe Ohio. Not a stay-at-home order,” DeWine explained during Friday’s press conference. “We’ve reached a new stage and I think that’s good news for everybody.”

“The change in verbiage was for a reason,” noted Lt. Gov Husted. “It was intentional. It represents a transition to a next phase of how we’re going to live our lives.”

Gov. DeWine added Ohioans should not read anything into the date given of May 29 and the order itself will be superseded as the state issues new reopening orders through the month.

On Thursday, DeWine added exceptions will be made, which is part of the reason the order is called “Stay Safe Ohio.”

“When retail opens up, that certainly will be a major exception for that,” DeWine explained Thursday. “Certainly it’s an exception in just a few days when manufacturing and other companies are allowed to start back.”

The ODH’s release says the order could be changed if Dr. Acton modifies it at a sooner date.

Gov. DeWine made sure to say the new order doesn’t mean the virus has gone away.

“It doesn’t mean we don’t have to exercise good judgement, it doesn’t mean the basic principles we’ve been talking about don’t still apply,” he said. “They very, very much still apply.”

The new order states in part “…all individuals currently living within the State of Ohio are ordered to stay at home or at their place of residence except as allowed in this order.” 

“We want to open up, but we must protect the public,” DeWine stressed. “It’s why we have specific protocols, and it’s why we are layering the openings.”

Back on April 2, Gov. DeWine extended Ohio’s stay-at-home order until May 1. Health care procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay can move forward starting Friday, May 1.

In his Monday announcement on the plan to reopen Ohio, Gov. DeWine said retail shops across Ohio can begin reopening May 12 as long as they follow strict rules to keep both customers and employees safe.

DeWine has not yet announced when restaurants, barbershops, salons and other service industries can reopen, but he has set up a group to make their reopen possible.

Here’s a recap of when different businesses and procedures can move forward and reopen:

Timeline for phase one of reopening Ohio:

Coronavirus in Ohio resources: