COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said the state’s Vax-A-Million program, which was meant to incentivize Ohioans to get vaccinated for COVID-19, was a success.

DeWine first announced the program during a statewide address on May 12. In the two weeks that followed, 329,489 Ohioans started the vaccination process, according to figures from the Ohio Department of Health.

“The first week was phenomenal,” DeWine said. “The second week was very, very solid. It’s leveled off since then, but those first two weeks, we got tens of thousands of people who either wouldn’t have got it at all or who wouldn’t have got it as early as they did.”

On May 13, 42.05 percent of the state’s population had started the vaccination process. That figure stood at 47.29 percent Wednesday.

DeWine said he is worried about what is going to happen in the winter with the spread of the virus and the variants, particularly in counties with lower vaccination rates.

“Delaware [County], for example, is the highest in the state, but we’ve got some very low counties where we’re in the 30 percent — 40 percent who have gotten vaccinated, so you worry particularly about those counties,” he said.

According to DeWine, there may be more incentives to encourage the public to get vaccinated.

“We’re trying to figure out what else to do because we’re coming back, our economy is strong,” he explained. “What we don’t want to see is a real uptick in the number of cases.”