COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Demand for booster doses is soaring due to the FDA and CDC granting approval for a third COVID-19 shot in all adults age 18 and up.

Before the FDA and CDC’s announcement Friday, booster doses had already been available to people 65 and older, or to anyone 18 and older who is at an elevated risk of contracting COVID-19.

“One part of the messaging I think is hard for people to understand is, since we’re talking about boosters, it doesn’t mean the vaccines aren’t working,” said Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, an infectious disease specialist with OhioHealth.

The latest federal approval is helping streamline the process and making booster doses available to all adults right before the holiday season.

Whether you choose to visit Columbus Public Health, Franklin County Public Health, OhioHealth, or your local pharmacy, there is plenty of vaccines available.

“The supply of vaccine at OhioHealth is great, the supply of vaccines in our state is great,” Gastaldo said. “There’s really no reason for somebody who does want to get a booster to have a hard time finding one because there’s plenty of boosters out there.”

Now that all adults are eligible to get one, Gastaldo said it could help make our holiday gatherings a lot safer.

“Getting boosters in people means, that tentatively, there will likely be less post-vaccination infections, and if we have fewer infections, that’s fewer people who are going to be exposed to this virus,” Gastaldo said.

The CDC recommends the booster shot be given six months after the second Moderna or Pfizer dose, and two months after a dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.