COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health on Thursday reported 6,354 new COVID-19 cases, making for a new smallest increase in 2023.

The case rate is in its fourth week of decline, as the state reported just 7,016 -- the previous lowest record for 2023 -- in the week prior. At the beginning of March, Ohio was nearing 10,000 weekly COVID-19 infections. In March 2022, the lowest point COVID-19 cases reached was 3,103.

ODH has been reporting COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, deaths and vaccinations weekly instead of daily after new infections slowed to a low level after the omicron wave. Over the past seven days, the state averaged around 908 new coronavirus cases per day. The 305 hospitalizations reported by ODH in the past seven days -- about 44 per day -- dropped from the 352 reported last week, and the 385 hospitalizations in the week prior.

COVID-19 deaths decreased alongside hospitalizations. ODH said 49 people died from the virus, which went below the 55 deaths the previous week and the 67 reported two weeks before.

COVID-19 metricTotalChange (past 7 days)
*Ohio Department of Health reports weekly on Thursdays.

The number of Ohioans getting COVID-19 vaccinations declined over the past week. Compared to 1,543 in the week before, 852 started the vaccine process. Another 1,459 finished vaccination by getting their second dose, down from 1,688. Around six in 10 Ohioans are partially or fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 metricTotalChange (past 7 days)
Vaccinations started (one dose)7,578,251+852
– % of all Ohioans64.83%
– % of Ohioans 5+68.30%
Vaccinations completed (two doses)7,026,848+1,459
– % of all Ohioans60.11%
– % of Ohioans 5+63.53%
*Ohio Department of Health reports weekly on Thursdays.