COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Lt. Governor Jon Husted is encouraging Ohioans to take advantage of WiFi hotspots in the state if they don’t have access to sufficient internet.

During Saturday’s news briefing on the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the state, Husted talked about how families in Ohio who might have poor internet access could get help by going to area WiFi hotspots. 

“This is really important. We know students are out there trying to upload or download homework assignments, or turn things in. Businesses, and people working from home may have to go somewhere to find a hotspot to be able to do their work,” said Husted. 

To help find a hotspot, Husted directed people to, under the “Resources for Economic Support” tab, and in the “Individuals and Families” section, there is a link for Ohioans to find internet access near them.  

That link can also be found here: Innovate Ohio

Husted also encouraged internet service providers who may have a WiFi hotspot that isn’t listed to email with contact information. 

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