COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Life was different a week ago for us here in Central Ohio. When the word pandemic was released, grocery stores saw a surge of sales and lines out the door. Rolls and rolls of toilet paper were being sold. No one really knows why it was and is such a hot commodity. Kroger says they have plenty of it!

Once those orders came out from Governor Mike DeWine to close a lot of businesses, people started to go into panic mode. Food started flying off the shelves faster than it could be stocked.

Amy McComick, the Corporate Affairs Manager of Krogers’ Columbus Division says the company knows how to do one thing well and that is feed people.

“We want customers to know the supply chain is plentiful, we’re not going to run out.”

The distribution center fulfills orders for 116 stores. The staff is working twelve hour shifts to make sure those shelves are restocked. 

“We want people to buy what they normally would and know we will be with them throughout the whole event,” explained McCormick.

We know the word pandemic can be scary and the unknown is causing concerns but remember this, the situation is only temporary. Some shoppers tell us the panic buying doesn’t help.

“When I was in there I was thinking maybe I should get some more bread then I was like ya know there are some people freaking out that need it more than I do so I’ll leave it for them.”

McCormick wants to remind everyone to be kind. There are people who really need some items more than others. She wants you to be mindful and think about others before loading up on excessive products.

Kroger is hiring 10,000 people right now. The turn around from your application to starting is only a few days.