WESTERVILLE (WCMH) — A group of Otterbein University students is volunteering and building Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for hundreds of doctors and nurses who are treating patients infected with COVID-19.

The students are using 3D and laser printers to make face shields for medical professionals.

“I know that people need help and that’s what I want to do,” said student Mary Woo. “Even though it seems like very little, I’m sure it will make a big impact somehow.”

Woo and several of her fellow students have used the printers to make the headbands. They are then attaching acetone film to those headbands before disinfecting the finished product.

“I just know that people are in need and they need help,” said student Brandon Queary, of why he wanted to participate in the project. “I feel like the more people we have helping out, the easier this is going to be for everyone else.”

The students said their goal is to produce at least 300 to 400 face shields, although they intend to make more if they have enough supplies. So far, they have made a little more than 100 pieces of PPE.

“Otterbein students are amazing and so to see them doing this work, and doing it with pride, is really meaningful and helps all of us educators feel like we’re making some difference,” said Otterbein President John Comerford.

The students are also developing specialized adapters to help medical professionals use ventilators as they fight the virus.