Thousands of people in Ohio have been out of work since the stay at home order was announced.  

But some of those non-essential workers decided that despite being unemployed, they wanted to do something that would make an impact no matter how big or small. 

“This time it’s a little different considering the circumstances we’ve been close together for the last 40 days,” noted homeowner, Beau Hoy. 

The Hoys, like many families have been cooped up, trying to navigate this new way of life.  

”This project is bringing some normalcy to some families,” explained photographer, Jen Brown. ”It’s a great distraction.” 

And that distraction has come in the form of family photos. 

”This project has been sweeping the nation,” said Brown. ”There are photographers all over the nation doing these porch sessions.“ 

They call it the ‘Front Porch Project’.  

Photographers like Brown knew she had to get in involved.  

“People are anxious to jump on board when they know the money is going to a good cause,” said Brown. 

“I let people decide. It’s been everything from $25 to $150, so I kind of leave it up to the person.”  

She’s been taking photos of families across the city, outside of their homes within the recommended social distance of course. 

“I think it’s important to document it, and as a photographer we’re all about creating memories and capturing true life moments so I think that’s really important right now.”  

Brown explains how this is such a pivotal time in everyone’s lives. “It’s something we’re going to remember forever! Kids will remember when they’re older that this was a time that we were shelter in place at home with our families.” 

For families like the Hoys, it was just a few moments of their day to break away from the monotony. They will be able to have some photographs that show was they’ve been going through as a family.  

“I found these are some of my favorite family sessions that I’ve done,” explained Brown. “Everyone is so relaxed and authentic because they’re in their own surroundings. I’m getting some great family shots.” 

Brown is donating all proceeds to the American Food Fund started a few weeks ago by Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Jen Brown

Other local photographers participating: 

Henry Leiter

Hyde & Co Photography 

Makayla Petersen

Erin Brown