COLUMBUS (WCMH) — During Thursday’s news briefing, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine talked about the possibility of students returning to session before the end of the school year. 

When asked about the reopening of schools, DeWine stated he wanted to bring students back but it was all pending the spread of the virus in the state.  

“There are indicators that we are looking at; the hospitalization rate, for example. You look at that rate, how that is coming,” said DeWine. “We certainly have a ways to go. The death rate continues to go up tragically in Ohio.” 

DeWine also said there is a concern about any place of congregate living where there is no separation like there is now taking place in the general public. 

Last week, DeWine ordered schools to be closed until at least May 1, and that date will be reevaluated as the time gets closer. 

“We’re going to be open as soon as we can get open, but that’s going to be a gradual opening. We’re not turning the switch on, and everything goes back to where it was,” said DeWine. 

He said he wants to make a decision as early as he can, but it all depends on the data coming in on the spread of COVID-19 and testing results. 

“How well that testing comes on, and how fast it comes on, is going to also influence on when we can start back,” said DeWine. “We’re just going to have to see.” 

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