COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — During Thursday’s coronavirus press briefing, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine called on community leaders to create county and local defense teams to lead a coronavirus response in their own communities.

“My experience in life, my experience in politics as the governor of Ohio, is that things happen at a local level,” DeWine said. “Somebody at the local level who thinks they shouldn’t wear a mask is a lot more likely to listen to a neighbor than they are to me.”

Gov. DeWine said it’s also important to get a local heath official or head of a hospital in a community speaking with members of that community to let them know what they’re seeing inside the hospital on a day-to-day basis.

“The hospitals can give you a good, good read and they’re all seeing an increase in what is coming in or basically most of them are,” DeWine said. “We can’t push back the virus unless we’re all engaged.”

DeWine said the function of these groups should be identifying where they need help and communicating that to the local health department or the governor’s office.

“Pulling those people together to be communicators to the community, pulling those people together to say, ‘Hey, do we have a problem in the nursing home with not enough PPE? Okay. Let’s go call DeWine. Let’s go call the governor’s office. Let’s call the health department,” DeWine said.