COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses have been hit hard, but local pool construction has been swimming.

“The day after Memorial Day, Tuesday, we came in, we had 30 messages on our phones,” said Justin Held of Quality Pools. “My boss had over 45 emails.”

And business hasn’t let up.

Chris Girtler with Sunshine Pools from Brandon, Ohio, agrees. His crew has been going non-stop, too.

Normally, there’s about a six-month wait for a new pool, but now that the virus has hit, Quality Pools is now booked for two years for pool construction.

The demand is so great, the only thing slowing down construction is supplies.

“That’s kind of the biggest hurdle, is for us just to get the materials we need to do the job,” Held said.

And like so many, these companies didn’t see this coming with the global pandemic.

“We ere kind of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, and it turned out, you know, actually pretty good for us,” Held said.

Both pool construction companies said it typically takes one to three months to build a new pool, but that may be delayed due to supply chain issues.

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