COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Ohio Department of Health has released the latest COVID-19 case information for the state.

As of Wednesday, August 26, a total of 117,584 (+1089) cases were reported in Ohio since the pandemic began, leading to 4,044 (+48) deaths and 14,043 (+87) hospitalizations. There are presumed 97,823 recovered cases in the state. 

The Department of Health adds the data when it is informed of a case or death. The information is backdated to the actual date the person started exhibiting symptoms or the date the person died.

Data released Tuesday by the Ohio Department of Health shows COVID-19 continues to grow in rural counties.

Gov. Mike DeWine said those counties have populations less than 60,000 people.

DeWine clarified spectator limits for indoor and outdoor sporting events.

Last week, DeWine announced all fall sports would be allowed and that spectators will be limited to family members of the athletes, band members and cheerleaders taking part in the event.

On Tuesday, he reinforced his order that outdoor sporting events will have a limit of 1,500 fans or 15% of fixed permanent seating capacity to allow for social distancing throughout the entirety of the event.

For indoor events, DeWine said the limit will be 300 fans or 15% of fixed permanent seating capacity.

DeWine was asked about a movement in the Ohio House of Representatives to have him impeached for the state’s response to the coronavirus.

“My focus as governor is going to continue to be and my priorities are to keep people safe and to get our economy moving faster,” he said. “Getting people to work, growing our economy, and saving lives, so that’s where my focus is.”

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