COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Lt. Governor Jon Husted and Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director Dr. Amy Acton held a briefing Tuesday to discuss the latest COVID-19 developments in the state and plans to reopen Ohio’s economy.

As of Tuesday, 28,952 (+498) COVID-19 cases have been reported in Ohio, leading to 5,117 (+119)hospitalizations and 1,720 (+63) deaths. Of the hospitalizations, 1,357 required intensive care.

The Department of Health adds the data as soon as they are informed of a case or death. The information is backdated to the actual date the person started exhibiting symptoms or the date the person died.

Governor DeWine Tuesday announced a new order, called ‘Urgent Health Advisory: Ohioans protecting Ohioans.’ He says it is time for the state’s health orders to reflect where we are today.

DeWine says what was previously stay-home orders are now ‘strong recommendations.’

The new advisory incorporates social distancing, limit of 10 people for mass gatherings, frequent hand washing and includes orders for businesses.

The advisory considers those who are most vulnerable. It recommends these Ohioans stay home as much as possible.

DeWine called on Ohioans’ sense of responsibility and concern for others. The new order strongly recommends Ohioans stay home, but does not require it.

Travel restrictions are also being lifted. It is still not recommended to travel for nonessential reasons, but it is not restricted.

DeWine said what we do individually will be what saves Ohio collectively.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted says with this advisory, they are trying to allow people more responsibility in how they conduct their lives.

The governor announced the death of a fourth prison staff member from coronavirus. Correction Officer Dewane (Pete) Gannon died due to complications associated with COVID-19, according to DeWine.

With Ohio’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) set to reopen May 26, Ohio’s Lt. Governor Jon Husted said there is no need for Ohioans to rush to their local office.

“The one thing that we’re trying to prevent is everybody rushing out to the BMV on Tuesday thinking that they have to be there, that they have to renew their license, and then creating the problem of not being able to handle everybody at the BMV, creating crowding, spacing and those issues,” Husted said during Tuesday’s coronavirus briefing. “That’s the last thing that we want to have happen.”

Last week, the DeWine administration laid out the following scheduled through the end of May for reopening remaining businesses across the state:

  • Campgrounds can reopen on May 21
  • Horse racing can resume May 22, spectators will be prohibited
  • BMVs will open across the state on May 26; Ohioans are encouraged to use the online resources if at all possible
  • Gyms, fitness centers and pools can reopen on May 26
  • Day camps will be allowed to reopen right along with daycares, on May 31
  • Guidance for the above reopenings will be posted to later today

These reopening dates are in addition to the first phase of reopening Ohio’s economy:

  • May 15 – outdoor dining
  • May 15 – personal services (salons, spas, massage therapy, tattoo and piercing services)
  • May 21 – indoor dining

Water parks and amusement parks do not have a reopening date at this time.

Coronavirus in Ohio resources: