COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton held a briefing to discuss coronavirus and the latest on efforts to reopen Ohio’s economy.

As of Tuesday, there are 33,006 cases reported across the state, leading to 2,002 deaths and 5,579 hospitalizations. Of the hospitalizations, 1,450 were ICU admissions.

The Department of Health adds the data as soon as they are informed of a case or death. The information is backdated to the actual date the person started exhibiting symptoms or the date the person died.

Governor Mike DeWine opened Tuesday’s briefing by discussing hot spots in Ohio’s nursing homes. He asked his team to work with the Ohio National Guard, local health departments and hospitals to come up with a plan to help.

The governor said that plan will start this week, and includes congregate care unified response teams. These teams will begin testing in nursing homes this week. All staff will be tested. Residents will be tested based on assessment.

It’s not yet clear how many homes will be done each week.

Asked why there wasn’t nursing home testing before, Governor DeWine said this is the first they’ve felt they have the capacity to do so.

Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles deputy registrar offices reopened Monday. The BMV says there is no need to rush in today. Many services can be performed online

Also due to Ohio’s continued state of emergency declaration, expired licenses and ID cards are still valid, Lt. Gov. Jon Husted said last week at a press briefing.

Gyms are also reopening Tuesday, with guidelines in place.

On Friday, Governor Mike DeWine announced Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton had signed three orders, including guidance on reopening gyms, guidance on conducting sports, and the use of schools for use as day camps.

The DeWine administration laid out the following scheduled through the end of May for reopening remaining businesses across the state:

  • BMVs will open across the state on May 26; Ohioans are encouraged to use the online resources if at all possible
  • Gyms, fitness centers and pools can reopen on May 26
  • Day camps will be allowed to reopen right along with daycares, on May 31
  • Guidance for the above reopenings can be found at

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