COLUMBUS (WCMH) — At Thursday’s briefing on coronavirus in Ohio, Governor DeWine announced the plan to reopen salons, spas, nail shops and barbershops on May 15, and the timeline to reopen restaurants in two phases, starting with outside dining on May 15 and inside dining on May 21. 

As of Thursday, 22,131 cases have been reported in the state, leading to 4,140 hospitalizations and 1,271 deaths. Of the hospitalizations, 1,167 were ICU admissions.

Gov. DeWine announced Thursday that hair salons, spas and barbershops can reopen May 15. Lt. Gov. Husted did note that massages will not be taking place yet, as they will be reopened by the medical board.

DeWine also announced restaurants and bars can start reopening with outside dining starting May 15, with inside dining restarting May 21.

Retail stores will reopen May 12, meaning 89% of Ohio’s economy will be back up and running on that date, according to Gov. DeWine.

DeWine did warn that with the reopening of Ohio’s economy, the risk of spreading the coronavirus will go up.  

“The last week or so, we’ve talked about how we need, as Ohioans, bring back our economy and same time, stay safe,” said DeWine. “How we do it, is so very, very important.” 

“This too will pass. We are going to get through this,” said DeWine. 

DeWine also made a point to talk to Ohioans under 60. He noted that they might not be concerned about the risk of the virus, but they should be with the effects it can have on them. To Ohioans over 60, DeWine stressed the importance of them to be aware of the dangers COVID-19 poses to them. 

Dr. Acton said the next month will be big for Ohio when it comes to testing for the coronavirus.  

DeWine also said that an announcement on childcare in Ohio will be made on Monday.

There will be no news briefing on Friday, according to DeWine.

Governor DeWine opened Tuesday’s briefing by discussing Ohio’s economy. At the end of February, the state was $200 million ahead of projections for the year. Now, Ohio has a projected budget shortfall of $776.9 million for the fiscal year, which ends June 30.

Governor DeWine announced Tuesday a $775 million budget reduction to be taken over the next two months. He said he will not draw money from the state’s rainy day fund for the current fiscal year.

DeWine said the rainy day fund will possibly be needed for the next two years.

The cuts will come from the general revenue fund. Medicaid spending will be cut $210 million, K-12 school will have a $300 million payment reduction, other education $55 million, higher education $110 million, all other agencies $100 million.

Timeline for phase one of reopening Ohio:

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